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Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services is Launching

The world is computing in the cloud and we are connected now more than ever. With data circulation increasing, the demand for safe storage and efficiency is ever increasing. From AWS’s outage last year to hardware faults, there are growing concerns for our internet ecosystem worldwide. If businesses are paranoid they can easily buy servers but the costs associated with having physical servers often outweighs the benefits. Currently the only other option for businesses is to use cloud services. 80% of businesses use some form of cloud computing while most are still concerned with data loss.

Businesses move their assets to cloud based solutions to reduce data storage costs, increase flexibility, and help their ability to scale growth. Unfortunately, the current could solutions have had their share of issues including data breaches.

The Safe Alternative For Data Storage 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides virtual solutions from servers to CRM platforms for businesses. They increase business efficiency and operational flexibility. Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS) is bringing their IaaS to market; powered by the Ethereum blockchain. They’re bringing virtual data infrastructure to the decentralized universe while achieving lightning speeds. Titanium is also able to provide their cloud solutions without the concern of outages as their system is spread across the entire network.

If the network detects a problem, the Titanium system runs autonomous procedures to “heal” the issues. If devices experience an outage, data is easily transferred to other redundant nodes in the network. By leveraging Raiden technology, Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services is able to compete with processing networks like Visa handling millions of transactions per minute.

The company is seeking to decentralize every facet of a company’s internet network from servers to routers. Furthermore, TBIS is working to allow global businesses to be formed from any computer using their service. Even more revolutionary than the system’s efficiency is their security. Since TBIS is on the Ethereum Blockchain, it is immune to IP address specific attacks.

Titanium’s Initial Coin Offering

The Titanium ICO is the first ever initial coin offering to be certified by the BBB and D&B. TBIS’s BAR tokens are currently available for purchase and 60 percent 35mm) BARs are available. 20 percent will be allocated to the TBIS, 10 percent to their bounty campaign, and 10 percent in reserves.

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Titanium White Paper

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