Cardano Weekly News Update 3.29.2018

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Cardano Updates

Exchange and Support

The team at Cardano has created a dedicated internal channel that will be used for communication between exchange development teams. The dedicated channel will help streamline communication with exchanges.


The V1 API was finalized last week as well as test coverage for the initial rollout. Adding a V1 endpoint to retrieve address meta information is nearly completed pending some API design decisions. The team also successfully collected feedback around the V1 exchange endpoints and all front end changes are pending review.

Cardano Node & Other Updates

The new Cardano node can now log the same information as the original node. Although this has been completed, they have not been merged yet. Efforts to write logical integration tests for the wallet key import endpoint were completed successfully. The team reported that the task pertaining to the wallet API which needs to be reviewed after NTP refactoring is ready to be implemented.



Paper wallet certificate generator specifications have changed thus causing the team to revise the original implementation. The paper wallet feature for ADA is getting prepared for an external audit. Lastly, the team is working on a new release of React-Polymorph which includes components for full structure refactoring.


The team has worked on cleaning up the NTP subsystem. This is almost complete but needs to be run by and pass quality guidelines set by Cardano team leads.

In addition, the team is engaged in block streaming. As of late, the team has not been able to launch a simulation due to the increased emphasis on quality of work from team leads over speed. This means doing a larger amount of remedial work that will make the test easier by greatly simplifying the code base.


Get the full weekly technical report from the Cardano team here.


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